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Name: Citodon

Other names: -

Type of medicine: Pain relief

Prescription only: And



Citodon is a pain medication with codeine (30mg / tablet) and paracetamol (500mg / tablet) in itself. Codeine is converted (metabolized) to morphine in the body and the effect of pain is sensed after about half an hour to an hour.

Citodon is not classified as narcotics, but, like tramadol addictive and harmful to the body.

Side effects: Nausea, fatigue, constipation and dizziness.


My experience of Citodon:

Since bi-effects of Tramadol was too much so I switched to Citodon whose side effects were milder at me. However, help Citodon not entirely. It removes the peaks for a while, but it's a compromise I have chosen myself. I do not take medicine regularly, under a schedule, but when I need it. This means that during the bad days and periods so I know the side effects more. It is important to take the medicines prescribed to me to relieve the side effects, but also to be even more aware that not “trapped” in the cloud of Citodon. By that I mean that I will attempt to break, although I had very bad days before and had to take a maximum dose for days, I have to let my body to feel pain again, and naturally let the pain reaching the limit of a dose again.

Citodon can be helpful sometimes, but still nothing I want in the future. I hate to take medicine in general and that just Citodon is so harmful to the body makes it even clearer for me to find another option.

Try Citodon of tramadol give you the annoying side-effects, however, was cautious and “get used” you are not to taking neither Citodon or tramadol.


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